Name: Mr. Ashish Kumar Roy
Designation: Academic Consultant, Former GM, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Qualification: MBA Gold Medalist (Mktg & HR), PG (Aero), B.Tech (Mech. Hons.)
Research Area: Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Marketing Management
Phone No: 06853221225
Mobile No: 9438901005 / 9438171023
Email: [email protected]
Name: Dr. Pritish Behera
Designation: Lecturer on Contract & Coordinator
Qualification: MBA (Finance), MFM, M.Com.(Accountancy), PhD (Business Administration), UGC-NET (Management), UGC-NET (Commerce).
Research Area: Corporate Finance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Prediction of Financial Bankruptcy, Stock Market Volatility, Financial Inclusion, Financial Derivatives.
Phone No:
Email: [email protected]
Name: Dr. Subash Chandra Pattnaik
Designation: Lecturer on Contract
Qualification: MBA, PhD, FDPM-IIMA, UGC-NET (Management), UGC-NET (HRM), AP-SET (Management)
Research Area: High-performance Human Resource Practices, Organizational Performance, Employee Turnover Intentions, Employee Engagement and Commitment
Phone No: 9438049768
Email: [email protected]
Name: Mr. Srinivas Rao. K
Designation: Guest Faculty
Qualification: MBA (Marketing & Finance), UGC-NET (Management).
Research Area: Services Quality Management, Branding, Consumer Behavior, Relationship Marketing & Customer Relationship Management.
Phone No: 8328981300
Email: [email protected]
Name: Mr. Yadav Devi Prasad Behera
Designation: Guest Faculty
Qualification: M.Com (Finance), M.Phil. (Finance), Ph.D. (Management, Cont.), UGC NET (Management), UGC NET (Commerce).
Research Area: Stock Market Operation, Behavioral Finance, Strategic Management, Perception and attitude research relating to marketability of products and services.
Phone No: 06370627192
Email: [email protected]
Name: Ms. Pabisha Chattopadhyay
Designation: Guest Faculty
Qualification: MBA (HRM), UGC-NET (HRM)
Research Area: Organizational Behaviour, Industrial Relations, Labour Laws, Performance Management, Human Resource Planning, Human Resource Development, Organizational Development
Phone No: 9007361570
Email: [email protected]