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School and Department



1.  School of Languages

1.       Department of English Language and Literature (DELL)

2.       Department of Odia Language and Literature (DOLL)

3.       Department of Hindi

4.       Department of Sanskrit

2.  School of Social Sciences

1.       Department of Anthropology

2.       Department of Sociology

3.       Department of Economics

  3.  School of Education & Education Technology

1.       Department of Journalism & Mass Communication

2.       Department of Teacher Education

4.   School of Basic Sciences & Information Sciences

1.       Department of Mathematics

2.      Department of Computer Science

5.  School of Biodiversity &  Conservation of Natural  Resources

1.       Department of Biodiversity and Conservation of Natural Resources

6.  School Of Commerce & Management Studies

        1. Department of Business Management 

7. School Of Applied Sciences

1.       Department of Statistics