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  Academic Calendar (2016-2017)


Monsoon Semester

Winter Semester

Reopening after the vacation

For Teachers: 4th July, 2016 (Mon)

For Students: 11th July, 2016 (Mon)

For Teachers: 4th Jan, 2017 (Wed)

For Students: 4th Jan, 2017 (Wed)


11th -15th July , 2016 (Mon- Fri)

(3rd ,5th, 7th &  9th Semester)

4th 10th  Jan, 2017 (Wed -Tues)

All Semesters

Late Registration (With Fine)

18th 22nd July, 2016 (Mon Fri)

11th 17th Jan, 2016 (Wed - Tues)

Commencement of Classes 

11th July, 2016 (Mon)

4th Jan, 2017 (Wed)

Last date for adding/changing  a course

18th July, 2016 (Mon)

11th Jan, 2017 (Wed)

Last date for dropping a course

21st Nov, 2016 (Mon)

24th April, 2017 (Mon)

Last date of Application along with precribed fees challan for Supplimentary Examination

11th July, 2016 (Mon)

4th Jan, 2017 (Wed)

Supplimentary Examination

13th 19th July, 2016 (Wed Tue)

(For II/IV/VI/VIII/X semesters)

6th -12th Jan, 2017 (Fri Tue)

(For I/III/V/VII/IX semesters)

Result declaration of Suplimentary Exam.

22nd July, 2016 (Fri)

20th Jan, 2017 (Fri)

1st Mid-Sem Exam.*

8th 13th Aug, 2016 (Mon-Sat)

6th 11th Feb, 2017 (Mon-Sat)

2nd Mid-Sem Exam. *

19th 24th Sept, 2016 (Mon-Sat)

6th -11th Mar, 2017 (Mon-Sat)

Mid Sem Recess

3rd  14th  Oct,  2016 (Mon-Fri)


3rd Mid Sem Exam. *

7th Nov-12th Nov, 2016 (Mon Sat)

10th -15th April, 2017(Mon-Sat)

Last date of Application along with prescribed fees challan for Repeat Examination

28th Nov, 2016 (Mon)

1st May, 2017 (Mon)

Last day of classes

1st Dec, 2016 (Thu)

4th May, 2017 (Thu)

Last date of submission of attendance sheet

1st Dec, 2016 (Thu)

4th May, 2017 (Thu)

End Semester  Exam

5th -13th Dec, 2016 (Mon-Tue)

8th - 16th May,  2017 (Mon-Tues)

Last date for submission of marks/grades to Office of the Controller Examinations

16th Dec, 2016 (Fri)

19th May, 2017 (Fri)

Result Declaration

23rd Dec, 2016  (Fri)

26th May, 2017 (Fri)


For Students: 14th Dec, 2016  3rd Jan, 2017 (Wed Tue)

For Teachers: 19th Dec, 2016 3rd Jan, 2017 (Mon Tue)

For Students: 17th May, 14th  July,  2017 (Wed Fri)

For Teachers: 22nd  May, 7th July, 2017 (Mon Fri)

 *After the Completion of the Mid-term examination rest of the time of these days classes will be continued as per the time table.

Note: For B.Ed students, Saturdays may be considered as teaching  days during the period of School Based Internship Activities.