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Mission & Vision
Mission :  
Provide quality education for all, so that we may fortify the backbone of the nation.
Disseminate ‘inclusive education’ to reach the unreached.
Advocate a wholesome symbiosis of the indigenous and the global scene.
Uphold a strongly grounded holistic worldview of the higher education.
Create a niche of its own.
Vision :  
This University is quintessentially conceived as an avant-garde premier University of the new millennium which calls for a world-ethos-driven higher education agenda. It is indeed an uphill task at this point of time to develop an exemplary academic institution with a pan- Indian perspective which should be optimally wedded to a global vision. We are now in the process of reinventing and of redefining higher education in a pronouncedly globalised context. But the vision of a new University, needless to say, emanates to a great extent, from the needs of the context, from the needs of the region. Therefore, the vision basically underpins a holistic balance between the region and the globe.

At this nascent phase we need to answer a few crucial questions while drawing the vision map of the University. If the University aspires to standout in the global scene to what extent should we cater to the indigenous needs? How should we go about erasing the invariable divide between the rural and the urban needs, between the needs of home and the needs overseas? To what extent should we emphasise the need to create skilled workforces to fill in the bottom of the pyramid? If research is the flagship identity of the University what would be the viable way to foster, nurture and inculcate a research culture from the very birth of the University? How do we sow the seeds of quality culture in every sphere of a new academic institution? What sort of academic reforms and innovations should we initiate at the very beginning? Is wider access a deterrent to quality?