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DEPARTMENT OF Sanskrit (About the Department)

Sanskrit is the store house of ancient Indian Cultural and Literary Heritage. The pan Indian knowledge system is inscribed in Sanskrit texts. The Sanskrit language is one of the oldest languages of the world. The sacred scripture of India i.e. Vedas are compiled in Sanskrit. The tradition of Vedic Sanskrit is as old as the mankind. The Rāmāyaṇa of Vālmikī and Mahābhārata of Vyāsa are two great epics which exhibit the socio-cultural entity of ancient India. The political, economic, social, educational endeavors of this great land are encoded in various texts of Sanskrit.

Sanskrit is also known for its multi-disciplined approach among all the spheres of knowledge. The Sanskrit language not only speaks about Vedas and Purāṇas, but also extends its existence in scientific spheres viz. mathematics, astronomy, astrology, physics, medicine, yoga etc. with various texts composed by different authorities from time to time. The message of 'vasudhaiva kuṭumbakam' which says that the whole world is a family.

The ancient authorities like Kaṇāda, Bhāskaracārya, Caraka, Śuśruta, Varāhamihira, Patanjali produced texts with scientific approach, while Kālidasa, Bhāsa, Bhavabhuti, Kalhana, Kṣemendra, Jayadeva, enshrined the poetic world through their compositions. Similarly the field of poetics, dramaturgy were glorified by authorities like Bharata, Bhāmaha, Rudraṭa, Mammaṭa, Kṣemendra, Abhinavagupta, Viśvanātha Kaviraja, Paṇḍitarāja However the field of law and jurisprudence was enhanced by authorities like Manu, Yājnavalkya, Parāśara, Nārada, Kauṭilya by their works. At the same time the grammatical tradition was also developed through different schools (Paninian and Non-Paninian) and touched its glory.

Hence, there is a need to bring that knowledge from Ancient texts (both Scientific and Literary) to bridge building between the past and the future through the present.

The Department of Sanskrit is established under the auspices of the School of Languages during the academic year 2015-16 with M.A. in Sanskrit programme.

Vision of the Department :

  • To preserve our ancient heritage and culture embodied in different texts and manuscripts of Sanskrit literature.
  • To understand the potential of Indian knowledge system encoded in a very scientific and logical manner in both Vedic and classical Sanskrit literature.
  • To propagate and facilitate the deep understanding of thoughts of ancient Indian texts meeting the challenges of modern scientific discoveries and analysis.
  • To conduct various extension programmes to popularize the Sanskrit language and literature among the common people.
  • To facilitate students for coping with global job market.

Mission of the Department :

  • To teach the Sanskrit language and Literature at the level of M.A and conduct research at M. Phil and Ph.D. levels.
  • To carry out interdisciplinary studies.
  • To introduce various diploma and certificate courses on different aspects of Sanskrit.
  • To update and upgrade Sanskrit teaching and research by conducting Special lectures by eminent scholars, and also conducting Seminars and workshops.
  • To undertake various minor and major research projects of Oriental studies.
  • To commence comparative research in Indian and Western tradition of thoughts in linguistics, poetics, prosody, philosophy, grammar, polity, scientific studies etc.
  • To collaborate with institutions in India and abroad for carrying out various research works individually or jointly with other Departments.
  • To conduct extensive survey, collection and preservation of Manuscripts around the region and to publish editions critical editions.