HoD I/c

Dr. Pradosh Kumar Rath
Asst. Professor

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Vision of the Department :

  • To provide media education and professional training
  • To study and to utilize mass media and traditional media for integral development of Koraput as well as the state of Odisha
  • To act as a nodal centre for the production of audio-visual programmes and publication of community newspapers on the rich culture and heritage of Koraput as well as Odisha for regional and national transmission
  • To act as the media resource and research centre through regional, national and international networking
  • To provide education and training to the youth of backward areas so as to make them good professionals to work at different levels
  • To provide education and training to the working journalists and to provide professionally qualified manpower for the professionals in traditional mass as well as new media
  • To produce quality research articles in leading national and international journals

Mission of the Department :

  • To set up state of the art studio & editing setup.
  • To start a Community Radio Station
  • To set up an Electronic Multimedia Research Centre (EMRC).
  • To work in collaboration with other prominent Universities/ institutions for print/audio-visual production, technical production and research work.
  • To work as hub for providing training to the rural journalists and produce media professionals who can work for the development of the society as well as the nation.