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Mr. Sanjeet Kumar Das
Assistant Professor

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DEPARTMENT OF HINDI (About the Department)

Vision of the Department :

As Hindi is the national language of our country, our vision is to promote the language in both state and national level through the higher level of educational program like M. Phil, Ph. D. and other allied research projects.

  • To conduct various extension programmes to promote the Hindi language and literature among the common people.
  • As we know that Central University of Orissa is situated in the less privileged area of Orissa where less people are aware of potential of Hindi language.Our vision is to give emphasis to the locality.
  • To focus on the comparativeresearch.
  • To preserve the tribal culture and language through translation.
  • To facilitate students for coping with global job market.

Mission of the Department :

  • To do Out-reach program to promote the National Language (Hindi) in different regions
  • Proper advertisement of the study program (M. A.) to increase the student strength through print as well as electronic media
  • To teach the Hindi language and Literature at the M.A.level and conduct research at M.Phil and Ph.D.levels.
  • To undertake various minor and major research projects.
  • To collaborate with institutions in India and abroad for carrying out various research works.
  • To update and upgrade Hindi teaching and Research by conducting Special Lectures ,Seminars and Workshop by eminent scholars.