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Mr. Sanjeet Kumar Das
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Department of English Language and Literature (DELL) (About the Department)

Under the School of Languages, the Department of English Language and Literature (DELL) started in Central University of Odisha with M.A (2 years) Programme from the Academic Year 2009-10. English language is the carrier of the great culture and great philosophy. The students who opt to study a programme in the department, under the aegis of the School of Languages will, in fact, be in a position to acquire much more than languages. He / she will also be learning the literature, art and philosophy of that culture along with interdisciplinary courses.

Training in different languages such as English, Hindi, Sanskrit and Odia enables one, at the end of the course, to become a translator, an interpreter, a teacher, an expert or a consultant in multi-media projects

The Department offers M.A programmes in English and lays emphasis on non-British English literature in African, American, Australian, Canadian, English, Indian, Irish, etc. Courses on literary theories help the students to develop the ability to relate the literatures to their context, to compare theories and texts and to explore the ways history, ideology, and material forces condition literary Theories, Comparative Literature, and English in India.

The Department of English Language and Literature since its inception in 2009 aspires excellence. Right now it imparts English Language and Literature course to 60 students at M. A. level. It looks forward to create and disseminate new knowledge to the recent developments of the interdisciplinary fields by introducing M. Phil. and PhD studies in near future. At regional level we are enthusiastic to preserve and translate literature available in every form. The department continuously invites eminent Professors and resource persons to deliver their experience and expertise to the betterment of our students.

Vision of the Department :

  • To set up the Language Laboratory
  • To set up the Departmental Library
  • To develop a Research Unit especially dedicated to preserve tribal literature and folk culture
  • To ensure the publication of Departmental monographs and Journals.
  • To offer certificate and diploma courses in English to the students of the local and global territories.

Mission of the Department :

  • To teach the English language and Literature at the level of M.A and undertake research projects at M. Phil and Ph.D. levels.
  • To carry out interdisciplinary studies.
  • To update and upgrade English teaching and research by conducting Special lectures by eminent scholars, and also conducting Seminars and workshops.
  • To commence comparative research in Indian and Western tradition of thoughts in linguistics, poetics, prosody, philosophy, grammar, translation studies, folk literature etc.

Goal: The M.A. Programme in English of the Department of English Language and Literature aims to acquaint the students with:

  • The core areas of literary studies in English without adopting the national and chronological model of English literary history.
  • World literature in English in a broad spectrum of gender-based representation.
  • The interface between Indian literature and other global literatures.
  • The challenges and possibilities of literary translation.
  • Issues relating to Indian/Comparative literature/New literature in English.
  • Issues relating to race/class/gender/ethnicity/region etc.
  • Connections between literature and other arts.
  • Basics of research methodology and computer application.
  • Fundamentals and current issues of Theoretical Linguistics and Applied Linguistics.
  • Challenges of English Language Teaching and Testing.