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DEPARTMENT OF Anthropology (About the Department)

Department of Anthropology is functioning in this University since 2009. Department is engaged in teaching the major areas of the discipline. We believe that teaching anthropology involves giving students the means to understand and respect the variety in human experiences and to develop a critical perspective on their own society and on current public policy and reform. This is achieved through a rigorous but balanced curriculum that encompasses the current theoretical perspectives and methodologies of the discipline. Anthropology is unique and effective among fields that examine human behaviour because of its particularly intensive techniques of participant-observation research, its use of both qualitative and quantitative methods, and its ability to bring together a comparative and global perspective and the time depth of five million years of prehistory to the investigation of human problems. As a science, anthropology is the only discipline that effectively examines humans as a species, including all past and modern human cultures and physical adaptations. The anthropological perspective is unequalled in its command of both diachronic and synchronic evidence in investigations of human evolution and the origins of modern human diversity because of its conceptual coordination of research on human ancestors (pre-modern culture and hominid biology during the last 5 million years) with inquiry on modern humans (language, modern cultures, modern human biology). In order to develop a holistic understanding of bio-cultural diversity in past and present human groups, the department is committed to offering the highest quality instruction in the discipline of Anthropology. The department is committed to the highest standards of teaching & research. We offer a variety of educational opportunities that include academic study as well as practical hands-on learning activities through a variety of educational programs, field projects, and internships. Students are getting a special course on the holistic aspect of Tribal Studies. In response to an increasingly complex global job market and anticipated areas of employment growth in the field, the department prepares students for career success through specific concentrations in Applied Anthropology. The applied focus of the program prepares students as responsible practitioners who can identify, assess, and offer solutions to social problems in order to serve the changing needs of the Commonwealth and to maximize opportunities in our globalizing world. The Department took some trend setting and unique steps in developing anthropology. Ultimately, our collective goal is to share and disseminate information and knowledge about the complexities of the human condition, both past and present. For the preservation of tangible and intangible as well as human heritage of this area, this department already started documenting through extensive field work and going to establish one anthropological museum very soon in the University. This department is also going to establish one advance human genetics laboratory for giving practical training to the students as well as for conducting massive screening of genetic disorders if any among the local people. By the active initiative of the department, one specialized centre in the name of "Centre for Indigenous Studies" is planned to establish. Department is also planning for Inter-departmental, Inter-Institutional Research activities and also for Consultancy in social impact assessment and other areas. Department is also planning for the expansion of teaching and research infrastructure.

Research programmes (M.Phil & Ph.D.) started from academic year 2013-14. Presently 13 scholars awarded M.Phil. degree from this department. Five scholars are to submit M.Phil. dissertation very soon. Nine scholars are now pursuing their Ph.D. programme out of these nine scholars, two have already presented pre-submission presentation and will submit thesis very soon.

Vision of the Department :

To inculcate holistic study of human bio-cultural experiences through a scientific and interdisciplinary approach in time and space.

Mission of the Department :

  • To educate students towards understanding and appreciation of human universals and diversities by imparting foundation and emerging areas of anthropological knowledge
  • To generate new knowledge by engaging in advanced interdisciplinary and collaborative research to promote academic growth and facilitate sustainable interaction with academia, civil society and industry
  • To bridge the gap between local and global human perspectives through fieldwork based anthropological inquires


  • To upgrade/enhance the curriculum regularly by incorporating new avenues of anthropological inquiries and achieve time bound accomplishment of course curriculum
  • To provide platform for the stakeholders (students, alumni, faculty and staff) for learning, sharing and development of discipline
  • To maximum opportunities for career success for students by providing up to date academic and research environment conducive to optimum learning through adequate state-of-the-art facilities
  • To engage in community services that foster self-reliance and success and empowerment among the marginalized community
  • To lead in the promotion and preservation of the cultural heritage of Odisha and of the country as a whole